Jaclyn G. Muskat, P.A.

Residential Real Estate

Jaclyn's vast experiences in many aspects of residential real estate contributes to her ability to effectively plan and conclude all types of real estate transactions.    Her services include all aspects of purchasing, selling, owning, and financing. Jaclyn's attention to detail from the very beginning of the transaction is her client's best defense against future disputes.

Attorney Representation for Buyers

Buyers involved in real estate transactions are sometimes tempted to forego legal representation to save money. Although most people have the ability to negotiate with a seller or a lender, the terms of the deal should be properly memorialized in writing by a real estate professional to be effectively binding.

Jaclyn will address all areas where accuracy is important including the exceptions resulting from the property's title search; the proper execution and acknowledgement of all closing documents; liens on the property; contract deadlines and risks to buyer’s deposit; judgments against the seller; unpaid taxes and association dues; and costs on the settlement statement (HUD-1) which the buyer may not be aware of or could avoid paying.   Jaclyn's buyers enjoy peace of mind when represented by her. 

Attorney Representation for Sellers

Jaclyn will ensure that all documents follow legal principles and that the transaction is closed with the seller's best interest in mind.  She assists sellers in negotiations and sales involving residential properties of all kinds, including single family homes, condominiums, apartment and condominium complexes and land.  Representation includes the preparation of the purchase agreement, conveyance documents, financing documents, escrow agreements, and any other documents needed to best protect the seller and the transaction.

Real Estate Broker Representation for Buyers

Buying or Selling a home does not have to be mysterious or stressful.  With Jaclyn on your team, you have a knowledgable real estate professional to lean on for advice and questions.

For most families, choosing a new home is the biggest financial decision they will ever make.  There are many complicated decisions involved in choosing your new home.  To protect your interests and assure that you make the best possible decisions, it is important to have a real estate broker on your side who is an expert in the local real estate market.    

Jaclyn will:
-Assure that you see all properties in your area that meet your criteria.
-Guide you through the entire purchase transaction including finding your dream property, assisting to obtain financing and making sure the transaction is closed as quickly and efficiently as possible.
-Help to negotiate the best deal possible for you and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Real Estate Broker Representation for Sellers
Placing your home on the market for sale can be both rewarding and scary which is why choosing an experienced and knowledgable realtor to handle the transaction is of the utmost importance.   Jaclyn will get your house sold quickly.   She will review your home value on a daily basis to help you figure out if your house is priced correctly.  She will help you by suggesting noticeable repairs to prepare and stage your home to look the best it can be.   Jaclyn's experience as a real estate broker and real estate attorney gives her clients the best possible representation in all aspects of their sale as Jaclyn knows the pitfalls and how to best protect her clients. 



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